San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén
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The hotel is located 18 km (11miles) from San Martin de los Andes. In the 90s, the third generation of the Taylor family, made a change in the running of “Estancia Chapelco Chico” which they own since 1918 and built a replica of the old farmhouse on the shores of Quiluihue River. The tea house and its three bedrooms are decorated in country style and are reminiscent of the delicious country style food and everyday life of a place that is full of history. This unique destination also offers several recreational activities including trekking, horseback expeditions, mountain biking, fly fishing and hunting. The Estancia features an all inclusive system. The afternoon tea is open to the public with prior booking and is served in an English style in the tea room or on the shores of the river. The lodge is open all year long.


Chapelco Golf & Resort. R 234 km. 57,5

+54 (2972) 427713 int. 117 o 151