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Best time to travel: 
The Northern region features warm weather so it is better to visit during the winter (June to September). 

At this time of the year, temperatures are pleasant and the rains are lighter.

Average Temperatures:
Tucumán: 13°C/55°F (winter); 25°C/77°F (summer)
Santiago del Estero: 12°C/54°F (winter); 28°C/82°F (summer)
Salta: 10°C/50°F (winter); 24°C/75°F (summer)

How to get here: 
Buenos Aires is the departure point for flights to the main cities in the region (Catamarca, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Salta and Jujuy). 

The flights have a duration of between 1:40-2:15 hours. 

Also, there are some international flights to regional destinations that stop in Jujuy or Salta (mainly to Bolivia and Perú). 

From Córdoba, Iguazú and Mendoza it is possible to fly to the city of Salta in the North. 

To travel within the region, it is recommended to use a car or bus.