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The restaurant is located 15 blocks away from downtown and is a must for anyone endeavoring to complete a gira peñera (tour of local folk clubs) in Salta.

Peña La Casona del Molino is an authentic Salteño folk club where guests are invited to sing songs or play instruments while seated at their tables.

There are no microphones or entry fees.

The restaurant is divided in three small rooms and after midnight the singing begins.

The food is traditional and includes mouth-watering empanadas, humitas, tamales, meats, brochettes and regional desserts accompanied by good wines.

It is advisable to arrive early because the peña is full on most nights.

The ideal time to get here is at 21.30 in order to have a relaxed dinner and then stay on to enjoy watching other guests sing and/or play their instruments.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed.


Caseros y Luis Burela

+54 (387) 4342835