Salta Capital
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The hotel is located in the city’s historical casco (farmhouse), three blocks away from the restaurants in Balcarce Street and six blocks from downtown.
The colonial mansion used to be owned by a traditional Salteña family and was refurbished with exquisite original details.
Its cozy interior décor creates an atmosphere of privacy, in a refined and classic environment that is in keeping with the simplicity of the current trends.
The spacious and comfortable rooms are named after celebrities from the local culture. Each of them is decorated in different tonalities with period furniture, big beds and top quality amenities.
Some of the suites have balconies and hydrotherapy pools.
The staff provides excellent service, taking care of the guest’s needs.
Children under twelve are not allowed.
The hotel is open throughout the year.


Mitre 647

+54 (387) 4228786 / +54 (387) 4214650