Iruya, Salta
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Iruya is located in the arid but beautiful northern region of Argentina at 317 km (200 miles) from the capital city of the province. The access to the hotel is through a narrow, winding and dirt road.
This picturesque town (at an altitude of 2,730 meters) is located in the middle of the mountains and has been sleeping throughout time. It has preserved its historic Hispanic heritage and is outstanding for its church, houses and steep narrow stone streets.   
The hotel can be visited throughout the year but the best time is from June to October given the weather conditions of the region.
The inhabitants have preserved their traditions for more than 250 years and there are some specific dates in which they celebrate “unmissable” parties and several traditional activities are carried out, as well.
Hosteria Iruya is located on the mountainside at the highest point of a picturesque group of adobe houses with panoramic views of the town, valley, river and stream.
The hotel is surrounded by a stone wall and 60 steps that lead you to the main entrance.
The hotel features a big terrace and a gallery where you can have breakfast or enjoy meals while you admire the views of the surrounding valleys and hills.
The rooms are spacious and carefully kept, with comfortable beds and all the necessary comforts to enjoy the silence and peace reigning in this faraway spot.
The restaurant offers traditional northern food, delicious and abundant, prepared with vegetables and beans from the region and different types of meat, llama steaks and locros, onion soups with quinoas among other specialties.
The wine list is wide and perfect to accompany the delicious dishes.
The hotel offers expert guides to organize day trips.
The hotel is open throughout the year.


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