Molinos, Salta
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La Hacienda is located in the Molinos town on the shores of Calchaquí River, at the side of National Route 40 and right in the center of the Calchaquíes valleys.
The old family house from the eighteenth century was the residence, by the King’s mandate, of the last Salta governor. It has been completely renewed and keeps the essence and characteristics from the colonial time.
The house was built around two courtyards and in the middle of the two, there is a carob tree, with thick adobe walls, iron grilles and carob and cañizo roofs. It is immersed in the middle of reddish hills and imposes itself in the horizon.
The rooms are spacious and simple, decorated with rustic materials and furniture made by local artisans and offers the most stunning views of the valleys.
The restaurant is outstanding, the service is excellent and the food delicious. It offers de autor and regional food prepared with Andean ingredients, classic recipes and an exclusive wine list.
The staff provides thoughtful service.
The hotel is open throughout the year.
A must: After one hour driving, you get to Bodega Colomé, a winery that you can visit and enjoy wine tastings with a nice picada (cold meat appetizers served on wooden boards). While you are there, you can also visit “James Turrell Museum” which is an amazing experience. Make a prior reservation.


Molinos, Valles Calchaquíes

+54 (3868) 494094/4944 / +54 (11) 4129 7931