Purmamarca, Jujuy
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The hotel is located 500 meters from Purmamarca village.
It was built in neocolonial Spanish style, respecting the local architecture and using regional materials such as adobe in the walls and hollow canes for the roofs.
This is a peaceful and silent spot. The lobby is comfortable with big sofas.
The rooms are spacious, bright and are perfectly maintained. They offer stunning vistas and display austere interior décor.
In keeping with the hotel’s style, which is colonial, smart and classic, the restaurant has ornaments of mud containers, mirrors with frames from the Cuzqueña School, old and fresh tapestry which are a replica of the Susques church.
The executive chef, Sergio Latorre, offers Andean gourmet food, with a careful combination of flavors, textures and colors that keeps the traditional quality turning it into a “must” in La Quebrada. The cellar offers a nice selection of the best local wines.                                               
The spa has been recently inaugurated and offers excellent massage therapy service.
The staff is very friendly and helpful.
The hotel is open throughout the year.


RN 52, km. 3,5

+54 (388) 4908080 / +54 (388) 4908081
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