Doña Salta

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The restaurant is located one block from the main square and is opposite San Francisco Church. 
The interior is very well decorated and food is served by waiters dressed as gauchos.

The menu is extensive with dishes from the north and traditional Argentine food.

The grilled meat cuts are very good but without a doubt the best are the empanadas, tamales and humitas, a succulent locro, carbonada (kid stew), cheese with cuaresmillo and Salteno nougat.

The restaurant features a huge horno de barro (mud oven) where they prepare the empanadas which are filled cut meat (as opposed to mince) and are rumored to be the best in Salta.
The restaurant does not accept credit cards so you can only pay with cash.

Córdoba 46

T: +54 (387) 4321921

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