Purmamarca, Jujuy
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The restaurant is located in a typical adobe house with no sign announcing it, only a small board indicates its existence.

Its interior décor is rustic and warm with adobe bricks at sight, chairs with cactus trunks, pictures and paintings.

The little restaurant with only one table is run by its owner and chef, Gabriel, who receives guests and delights them with the specialties of the day or cooks what the customer wants at the moment.

His specialties include pumpkin soup, quinoa salad, tomato, avocado and rocket salad, sorrentinos with quinoa and cheese filling, lasagna with ricotta cheese and vegetables.

For dessert you can enjoy apple pie and cayote (a local fruit) with goat milk ice cream accompanied with blueberries and chocolate.
The food is exquisite with balanced flavors and the northern feeling.

Camaruco is “unmissable” if you have the chance!


Belgrano, entre Florida y Libertad

+54 (9 388) 496 5560