Iguazú, Misiones
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It is located about 40 kilometers from the airport on the outskirts of the small town of Libertad, in the midst of the Misiones forest, among thousands of trees and native plants. The inn retains the air of an Argentine cottage, having a rustic style in line with the aesthetic of the owners themselves. The livingroom invites you to enjoy and relax, reading selections from its library of over 2,500 titles. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and nicely decorated. The restaurant is characterized by a regional and gourmet cuisine, and a wine cellar with over 1500 bottles of selected wines accompany the refined proposal. It also has a pool surrounded by the jungle and its own waterfall, called Salto de Guatambú. Most notable is the boat trip to Salto de Yasí, with the unique and unforgettable opportunity to bathe in the waterfall. The guided walk through the jungle is also interesting. Attention is personalized and warm, something that is seldom found nowadays. It is open throughout the year.


A 40 km. de Puerto Iguazú

+54 (3757) 496500 / +54 (11) 4152 5266
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