Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, Corrientes
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Posada de la Laguna is located on the edge of Laguna Iberá, with a garden of two hectares of native trees. From there, you can take boat rides and go canoeing, leaving from the garden pier to enjoy watching capybaras, alligators, otters, marsh deer, among others, and some 350 varieties of birds. The typical construction of Corrientes has a gable roof and wide galleries that let you enjoy the rich nature of the place. Its owner, Elsa Güiraldes, handles all details personally. Accommodation is full board, four meals and an extensive program of activities. The eight rooms are spacious and comfortable, decorated with modest taste and very consistent with the surroundings. In the main house is the dining room, which offers a regional menu. Excellent homemade cuisine supervised by Pancho González Alzaga: cold soups like gazpacho Andaluz, tomato, watermelon and mango o Vichyssoise, alternate with delicious hot soups, hams, Brusquets, mushrooms, steaks and cheeses, fruits, and all the delights of a generous nature marinated with olive oil, pepper, and fresh herbs. Breads, jams and homemade desserts, like the not-to-be-missed Elsa’s mousse or the passionate maracuyá. Afternoon tea is served in its galleries overlooking the lagoon and palm trees. The activities that take place here are very varied: day or night hikes, horseback riding through marshes and palm groves, starlit boat rides, wandering the streets of Colonia Pellegrini riding or in a horse-drawn carriage. And there is, of course, the simple getting-to-know of the Corrientes lifestyle along with its traditional buildings. Very friendly and professional service. It is open throughout the year.


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