Iberá, Corrientes
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The farm is located on the south bank of the famous wetlands of Corrientes in Esteros del Iberá, an idyllic setting. It is the property of Douglas Tompkins, who is working for the conservation of wildlife in the marshes of Iberá. Tompkins expects the area to become a national natural reserve. It is an ideal place to enjoy a different and unforgettable eco-tourism experience, in the observation of its unique flora and fauna. Common areas include a nice, large lounge, with a library and a playground, a covered porch, dinning room, and a barbecue area for outdoor dining. It has six rooms in the main house and three bungalows. The rooms are spacious and bright, and they are decorated with rustic wooden furniture and ceiling fans. The restaurant offers delicious cuisine, where Ramona Godoya, its expert cook, prepares dishes made with organic products from her own garden and meat from animals raised on pasture, accompanied by the best wines of the country. All-inclusive service. All activities are well organized, with plenty to see and learn. It has its own airstrip, 4X4, horses, and boats for safaris. Please bring sunscreen and insect repellent. Excellent and friendly service in all areas. It is open throughout the year.


A 30 km. de Carlos Pellegrini

+54 (3782) 497172 / +54 (3773) 15 475114
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