Maipú, Mendoza
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The restaurant is located in a beautiful natural spot, surrounded by the typical Mendocinos olive trees and vineyards. 
Apart from its excellent gastronomy, this restaurant is outstanding for the warmth and magic in the air, with pale colors, faint light and a rustic style of simple lines carefully designed with materials from the region. 
Matias Aldaraso, the executive Chef, offers three kinds of menus:  Tradicional includes empanadas, grilled meats, varied salads and desserts, Degustación: includes gourmet dishes prepared with regional products that vary depending on the season, and Oliva:  its concept is based in the use of different olive oils in food preparation. 
All the options are married with wines and varietal oils from the Zucccardi family. 
If the weather is suitable you can have lunch in the gardens. 
La Casa del Visitante also serves tea. The menu proposes pies and cakes, toasted country bread, ham and 
cheese served on wooden boards, the “unmissable” tortitas Mendocinas and many others homemade delights. 
The restaurant is open every day. It is recommended to make a reservation. 


RP 33 km. 7,5, Fray Luis Beltrán

+54(261) 4410000
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