Maipú, Mendoza
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Bodega López offers a warm and tastefully decorated atmosphere, with large windows and terraces overlooking the mountains, the winery and the big house gardens. 
The person looking for the classicism which characterizes Bodega López also looks for a restaurant that can expertly handle local flavors; those enjoyed by the whole family. 
The Chef, Andrés Romano, offers regional food prepared with excellent seasonal ingredients married with classic wines and champagnes. 
The menus are named after the winery’s famous wines: Casona López, Rincón Famoso… and include choices for the little ones. 
Before and after lunch you can walk around the Visit Center, enjoying a free wine tasting or visiting the winery and the Museo del Vino (wine museum) which has been recently inaugurated. 
Bodega López is open from Monday to Friday at noon. 


Ozamis 375, Gral. Gutiérrez

+54 (261) 4972406
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