Maipú, Mendoza
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The hotel is located in Maipú; a few minutes away from the city of Mendoza and at the beginning of the Ruta del Vino. This hotel presents itself as the perfect option to accompany the new Arena Maipú Complex.
Recently inaugurated, its modern and avant-garde style and its unstructured design perfectly combine the concepts of luxury and comfort.
The hotel features 118 rooms: Concept, Suites and VIP Suites with stunning panoramic views of The Andes and the picturesque Maipú city.
The decoration displayed is modern, minimalist, smart and of the best quality. The hotel is equipped with the best comforts and features many large panoramic windows.
The restaurant offers excellent international food and a nice wine list.
The service is excellent.
The hotel is open all year long.


Maza y Emilio Civit

+54 (261) 4819850 / +54 (11) 52175777