San Rafael, Mendoza
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Vineyards, olives and fruit trees make up the essence of this bodega. 
The Lodge, inspired in the traditional architecture of an Argentine farm, has been adapted to suit the life style of a contemporary viniculture farm. 
The design and interior decoration are cozy with rustic furniture and a fireplace adding privacy and romantic atmosphere to the rooms. The facilities are cozy and comfortable. 
The hotel features eight spacious rooms, with design details surrounded by a gallery overlooking the vineyards, gardens and the swimming pool. 
A must: Watching the sunset from the porch while you savor a glass of nice Syrah and a smoked meat tasting plate. 
Chez Gaston, the winery’s restaurant is located in the middle of a fifty year old vineyard and offers wonderfully prepared traditional Argentine food. The dishes are tastefully presented and represent a mix of flavors with the best regional ingredients and fresh produce from their own vegetable garden. The food is married with the best wines from Algodón Winery.    
It is recommended to make a reservation and take the necessary time to enjoy this experience without time pressure. 
The service is very good and the staff is friendly and kind. 
The winery is open from Thursday to Saturdays from 12:00 to 24:00 hours. 


RN 144, km. 674, Cuadro Benegas

+54 (2627) 429020 Ext. 19