Capilla Del Monte
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The restaurant is located on the outskirts of Capilla del Monte, in a large estate overlooking Cerro Uritorco within the hotel with the same name. Federico Schiraldi, its owner and Chef, suggests a completely different gastronomy experience. With his unique style, he offers no menu; just seats himself with the guests to design an unforgettable menu, from a variety of possibilities. La Guardia is a trademark of high added value. Thus, a three course menu is defined, where original appetizers, delicate starters and varied main courses and homemade desserts are served. With gourmet meals of local and international cuisine, his food is known for highlighting the flavors of home cooking which dazzles by its texture, color, presentation, perfume and balance and is prepared using a selection of natural ingredients from their own farm and vegetable garden. Verónica, his wife, prepares delicious jams, preserves and lemoncelos that can be purchased on site. Recently, the restaurant in Capilla del Monte, opened its doors in Cordoba city with a new proposal: La Guardia City in the General Paz neighborhood. Payment method: Cash only


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