Buenos Aires: Explore

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Best time to travel:
The weather is mostly mild in this region so one can visit at any time however, the summer can be a little warm so the best months to visit Buenos Aires are from April to November.

Average temperatures:
Buenos Aires:  10°C/50°F (winter); 24°C/75°F (summer).

How to get here:
Buenos Aires is the main point of entry tourists. 
Ezeiza International Airport receives direct flights from the United States, Europe and Latin America. 
Some direct services from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Dubai are also available.

Jorge Newbery Airport which is in the city of Buenos Aires is where many of the regional flights coming from bordering countries in South America arrive. 

Furthermore, it is the country’s most important hub for domestic flights. 

All flights to the main cities of Argentina depart from Jorge Newberry.

To travel within the Buenos Aires region it is recommended to use a car, bus or train (there is air service to Bahia Blanca).

You can also get to Buenos Aires using the popular ferry services from Uruguay.