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Buenos Aires
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The restaurant is located at the other side of Pasaje del Correo. Sirop displays an amazing decoration that combines different styles; is the ideal spot to have nice lunches or delicious teas, as well as exquisite brunches that include salmon, excellent cheese, scrambled eggs with bacon and many other delightful meals. The impeccable service as well as the originality and quality of its food make this restaurant a satisfaction guarantee: you will always enjoy the food. Liliana Numer, owner and Chef, prepares Porteña food with her personal touch that varies depending on the season. Some of the dishes are the pear ravioli with sbrinz cheese, or marinated duck from cassis and spices on fila crunches, onion chutney and goat cheese. The specialty is the charcoal-grilled meats cooked for long periods. The most recommended dessert is the “unmissable” Chocolatísima cake


Vicente López 1661 -Local 12, Recoleta

+54 (11) 4813 5900
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