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Buenos Aires
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Creole, Nikkei, Chifa and Ceviche. At Sipan you can taste the four genuine Peruvian cuisines. Snag a seat at the pisco bar, start with any pisco cocktail and finger food. Tiraditos play the leading role in the menu where piquancy grades are specified. Tacu-tacu is part of the African heritage, rice and beans mixed with beef or seafood. Chifa is the blend of Peruvian and oriental cuisines (chi fan: eat with rice). For a traditional meal choose olive octopus, hen ají, lamb seco, and a super sweet lima sigh. Copious portions to share. The restaurant has been recently opened as a new proposal located at Palermitano Holel. The restaurant features a much more modern decoration but the quality remains the same.


Paraguay 624, Retiro. Uriarte 1648, Palermo Soho

+54 (11) 4315 0763 / +54 (11) 4833 9383
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