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Buenos Aires
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It is not a small thing for a Chef star from the Ritz-Carlton in Paris to pack up his belongings and move to Buenos Aires to open a little restaurant for twenty guests. Félix Rueda is the owner and Chef of this charming bistró which is full of personality and offers a cozy atmosphere in the heart of Recoleta neighborhood. The color combinations in tablecloths, chairs and clothes; even the way hanging objects are arranged, the vintage soup bowls decorating the tables and the old Limoges plates are a sign of Rueda’s good taste. Every day, Félix, Cordobés through and through but an exponent of French cuisine with Mediterranean inspiration, receives a selective clientele. Wearing a colorful apron, he seats at your table to explain the menu which is written on a board and is daily changed. There are only five dishes to suit every option: soups, meats, salad, pasta and vegetarian meals. The food is nicely prepared and the service is attentive. Desserts are irresistible. Rueda is famous for his Tarte Tatin and makes a chocolate marquis which delicious too. Then, coffee comes in one of his delicate collection cups. Even the bill is handed in with elegance; it comes inside a can of European cookies.


Juncal 1693, Recoleta

+54 (11) 4811 2873