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Buenos Aires
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El Cuartito is a pilgrimage destination; a worship spot for Porteños. Every tourist visiting the city of Buenos Aires is recommended to pass by this traditional pizzeria which is Porteña to the skin. El Cuartito opened for the first time in 1934 and had the privilege to receive important celebrities, that’s why the walls are covered in pictures of them all. The food includes pizza, Napolitana pizza, empanadas, tuna empanada and its traditional fugazettarellena (stuffed) that has not changed at all with the passing of time. Prices are slightly higher than in most pizza places but the crunchy pastry, the perfect temperature of the beer, as well as the excellent service provided by the waiters makes up an “unmissable” experience. There are only four desserts on the menu which are homemade and porteños by definition: flan (cream caramel), tarantella, budín de pan (bread pudding) and rice pudding.


Talcahuano 937, Recoleta

+54 (11) 4816-1758/4331