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Buenos Aires
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This simple restaurant is located under the shade of Boca football stadium. Don Carlos himself welcomes his customers bringing the paper tablecloth, plates and cutlery. There is no menu; you eat what the cook decides and suddenly the five “P” land on the table: picadas (cold meat appetizers), pizzas, pastas, pescado (fish) and parrilla (grilled meat). One dish comes after the other and each guest eats as much food as the hunger and consciousness allows him or her… and when one says “I had enough” the sixth “P” shows up: “Postre” (dessert). And desserts are brought to the table without previous warning and they are all delicious, fresh and homemade. Some nice wines are available to marry the food. Every Saturday at lunchtime, a faithful clientele accompanies Don Carlos.


Brandsen 699, La Boca

+54 (11) 4362 2433