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Arevalito is a little restaurant in Palermo, run by Carmen Paz, Uki Castro Giovanni and Luciano Spinelli. It is a small, simple venue, with an open kitchen, checkered floor and outdoor seating.

The menu is vegetarian and delicious, with hearty and healthy dishes. The ingredients are fresh, seasonal and top quality. The menu, which consists of five main courses, changes on a daily basis depending on what the market has to offer and the inspiration of the chef. There is always a quiche, a sandwich and three main dishes (which includes a salad during summer and in winter, more soups and casseroles).

The customers are regulars and in Arevalito one can sense the genuine bohemian atmosphere that was once characteristic of Palermo. There are just a few desserts, but they are excellent. One of the owners, Carmen Paz, often quotes Victor Hugo: “Dessert is to a meal, what a crown is to a queen”.

In Arevalito, you can also enjoy breakfast or a cup of tea. Open Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to midnight. Payment by credit card is not available.


Arévalo 1478, Palermo

+54 (11) 4776 4252