Spanish French English
Matambre viande du diaphragme thinly sliced grilled flank
Matambre relleno viande farcie rolled flank filled with vegetables, eggs and herbs served as a cold cut
Matambrito de cerdo diaphragme de porc grilled pork flank
Mejillones moules mussels
Merluza a la romana merlue pannée deep fried hake
Milanesa viande pannée breaded veal cutlet
Milanesa a la napolitana viande pannée avec fromage et sauce tomate breaded veal cutlet with grilled cheese and tomato topping
Mollejas ris de veau sweetbreads
Mondongo ragoût d'estomac stewed tripe
Morcillas boudin blood sausages
Morrones en escabeche poivrons au vinaigre marinated pepperoni